About Us

Wellan is an engineering and additive manufacturing company based in Philadelphia, Pa. Having mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering backgrounds Wellan can tackle all design and engineering challenges when designing customized parts and equipment.

Engineering Design

Using the most up-to-date software in the business, Wellan can take your product from idea to reality. With a simple phone call, our engineer can help determine your vision and get you a rough sketch for you to review.

Wellan has a team of electrical, computer, and mechanical engineers ready to tackle any project. We have experience in the following categories.

  • Control System Design
  • Desktop Application Design
  • Engineering Safety Codes
  • Electrical Design
  • Engineering FEA
  • Mechanical Design
  • Multi-part Assemblies
  • Photogrammetry (Parts & Assemblies)
  • Photogrammetry (Surveying)
  • PLC Design

Component Analysis

Before your first part is even manufactured it can be a time and cost effective step to put your component through Fundamental Engineering Analysis (FEA). This process involves simulating your part under numerous conditions to give a better understanding of how the part will stand up to the assumed conditions. In other words FEA can help determine if a part is strong enough for your application.

Our Clients